Kristen Stewart Sees Robert Pattinson as Good Dad Material (VIDEO)

kristen stewartWell, here's an interesting little tidbit of Kristen Stewart/Robert Pattison gossip that you can interpret however you fancy. In a recent interview on, what else, Twilight: Breaking Dawn -- Part I, our beloved Bella Swan revealed that RPattz has more than his smokin' hot looks and his sexy British accent to offer: He's also good with babies. Awwww.

Stewart said: "Rob’s really good with [kids] too. Every time they started crying, it was just like, I would literally go, ‘Oh my God, where’s its mom?’ I would be worried about the baby and he would literally go into the corner and just shake it to sleep. It was weird to see that."

Sooo, the way I'm fancying to interpret this is: Kristen Stewart totally thinks Robert Pattinson would make an amazing daddy!


And, I've gotta be honest, I do, too. I mean, there aren't too many men who can lull a baby to sleep -- or who would want to lull a baby to sleep -- at 25 years old. And the thought of Robert doing so? Adorable.

Now, here's the thing. Was Kristen, directly or indirectly, saying that she thinks Robert would make an amazing daddy, and that she wants to have 10,000 of his hot, British babies? Who knows? Probably not. But she should know by now that every time she mentions his name, we're going to wish it and spin it into exactly what we want. We can dream, can't we?

Check out the interview:

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