'Breaking Dawn' Soundtrack Is Too Bright for Vampires

breaking dawn soundtrackSo far, every Twilight soundtrack has rocked. No question. Not only have all three made it to the top of the charts, they didn't get there by riding on the coattails of the film franchise's staggering success. Each album actually stood alone on musical merit.

I know this for a fact because all my guy friends experienced the same inner battle over actually purchasing the soundtracks: Oh, man! Muse has a song on here? Beck? Florence + The Machine? But these movies are for 13-year-old girls! Don't tell anybody I bought this!

So I'll admit I had pretty high hopes for the Breaking Dawn, Part 1 soundtrack.

The good news is, after listening to the album, I'm not entirely disappointed ...


But I'm not nearly as psyched about this collection of songs as I was about the previous three. It's not that they aren't amazing songs by fabulous artists, they're just not quite as ... edgy, I guess, this time around.

For example: On New Moon, standout tracks included Thom Yorke's "Hearing Damage" and Black Rebel Motorcycle Club's "Done All Wrong." Among my favorites on Eclipse were "Chop and Change" by The Black Keys and "Rolling in on a Burning Tire" by The Dead Weather. The original Twilight kicked off with Muse's "Supermassive Black Hole."

Interestingly, the Breaking Dawn soundtrack is the first in the series to NOT feature Muse.

Instead, we've got Bruno Mars ("It Will Rain") and Christina Perri ("A Thousand Years"). We've got the lighthearted "Love Will Take You" by Angus & Julia Stone.

Again, there's nothing wrong with any of those songs, they're just lacking a certain foreboding I've come to expect from my vampire music.

Still, other tracks do a fine job of picking up the slack, particularly "I Didn't Mean It" by The Belle Brigade, "Sister Rosetta" by The Noisettes, "Requiem on Water" by Imperial Mammoth, and "Cold" by Aqualung & Lucy Schwartz.

It will be interesting, I think, to see how the more upbeat tunes work in the context of the movie. Maybe they make perfect sense. So I'm reserving my final verdict for after opening night.

Have you heard any of the Breaking Dawn soundtrack? What do you think?


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