Brad Pitt to Retire From Acting & Pursue Other Crazy Interests

brad pitt
Brad waves goodbye to his acting career
Say it isn't so! In an interview this week, Brad Pitt let it slip that he's thinking of retiring from acting when he hits 50, which would be three years from now. So what on Earth would he do instead if he left acting? "Hell if I know!" he said. But then he mentioned that he enjoys the behind-the-scenes stuff, production and developing stories.

Women around the world fainted. Screams of horror were heard coming from Hollywood producers' offices. The Earth almost stopped rotating. And then Brad clarified his comments, lest there be any more unnecessary suffering in the world: "I wasn't actually putting an exact deadline on my expiration date," he said, "but I see it coming. I just have other interests and I do quite enjoy the production side." What other interests could those be?


First, there's the growing Brangelina family. Brad isn't sure he and Angelina are finished yet. He admits he enjoys the chaos of his large family. Could one of Brad's "interests" be founding an orphanage? Do you think??? I know, I know, this is how rumors get started. Obviously he's not starting an orphanage! Unless he is and he just isn't telling us.

So that's one interest. He also likes "the production side" of movie-making, also known as "the dark side" of Hollywood. Brad wants to become the Darth Vader of movie-making! Is he building his own Movie Death Star, where he mind-strangles directors who go over budget and actors who show up on the set late? Oh man, there I go making things up again. No one calls it "the dark side." Brad Pitt is not building a Movie Death Star. Unless he is and he just isn't telling us.

Another interest, apparently, is fighting in the Brad Pitt/Jennifer Aniston bash-fest. Let's see, where are we now with the faux feud? Oh yes, last week's rumor was that the exes would present together at the Oscars -- and apparently that rumor is even faker than the other two rumors I just planted in this post. So much for that hobby! Oh well, I'm sure both Brad and Jennifer are getting sick of that routine anyhow. Unless ...

We'll have to wait and see what Brad does next. I will miss his acting -- he was just starting to get really good, with Tree of Life and Moneyball! But I'm interested to see what films he goes on to produce. Or what children he adopts. Or that Death Star idea, which he should really follow up on.

Will you miss Brad Pitt when/if he retires from acting?

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