'DWTS' Recap: Rob Kardashian Gave Us a Big Shock

The best thing about Dancing With the Stars is how unpredictable the show can often be. From week to week, it's impossible to know who will come out on top. This week, the big surprise was Rob Kardashian. We have learned to expect Ricki Lake to be awesome, but Kardashian came out of nowhere.

Monday night, it was Kardashian and Lake who stole the show. But it was also the episode where we find out all the back stories, and while everyone has an emotional story, Rob's story about losing his dad at 16 is particularly tugging for me.

In general, Kardashian is a strong, real contender, which really wasn't something I saw coming in the beginning of the show.


The thing that is awesome about DWTS is spending a whole season thinking you know how it will go and then finding out in the end that you were totally wrong.

All of us fans whine and moan and worry about whether the "right" people will rise to the top or whether it will all be politics, but usually, by the end, it's a surprise who becomes top contenders. If I had to guess, Ricki Lake will take it all home. She is a bit like a Jennifer Grey or a Nicole Scherzinger in that she was kind of born to win.

But Kardashian is going to give her a good run for her money, and that isn't something I saw coming from the beginning. He really kicked some tango butt Monday and that isn't an easy dance. His samba earned a 10 from Judge Carrie Ann Inaba and he won the cha-cha relay handily.

So maybe he has a fighting chance in the finals. Maybe he shouldn't be discounted so quickly. As to who is going home, my money is on Hope Solo. Sad, but it's time.

Who do you think will get the boot tomorrow?


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