Old Lady Katy Perry Is Gorgeous Fun (VIDEO)

old katy perryWhen I'm old I want to look just like Katy Perry! That's right, the puffy, wrinkled skin, the bony, veined hands, the stiff, white, Palm Beach bob, the faded heart tattoo. I don't believe she's had a bit of cosmetic surgery done, ever, do you? She really has aged gracefully, even if she's a bit heavy-handed with the foundation and eyeliner.

Yeah, okay, I'm talking about the OLD Katy in her latest video for "The One That Got Away." She plays a much older woman reflecting back on a wild, sexy fling with an artist played by Diego Luna. (Watch it below!) Some fans love Katy for her music. Some love her because she's gorgeous. I love her because she's willing to get ugly.


We've seen Katy do "un-beautiful" before. In the video for "ET," she wore crazy, bronze reptile contact lenses, unflattering corn rows, and had her whole face painted to look like a freaky alien version of herself floating through space, singing. (Apparently that's what freaky Katy Perry aliens do in their spare time -- float through space, singing.)

katy perry geekAnd then she donned braces, head-gear, and glasses for "Last Friday Night." It wasn't enough that she wears head-gear, either. She gawks with her eyes popped out and speaks in a doofus-y orthodontia-impaired voice. Even when she gets a makeover into pretty party-ready Katy in that video, it's a nutty, '80s version of her, and she's still got the braces.  

You have to be supremely confident to pull these looks off. I can think of a few other pop stars who would never dare be seen looking so goofy and unattractive. She obviously has a great sense of humor. And maybe she also just doesn't take herself that seriously -- but I love that she'll let herself go like this.

Thanks to makeup artists, stylists, and digital editing, looking gorgeous in your music video is almost becoming almost, well, old. And with Lady Gaga blazing a trail of weirdness, letting your freak flag fly just seems like the thing to do. Get all boo-tay-ful for your video? Eh, not if you want to have some real fun.

Do you love it when Katy dares to ditch the beautiful?


Images via YouTube, Splash News

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