'Sister Wives' Recap: The Kids Are Alright

browns panelSay what you will about reality TV families and how growing up under a microscope warps kids in a spectacular fashion, this week's episode of Sister Wives offered startling evidence to the contrary. Well, mostly. In fact, I almost think the Brown kids are better off than they would have been if their Moms and Dad didn't force them into the spotlight.

Think about it: Under what other circumstances would the four eldest Brown children (Mariah, Logan, Aspyn, and Madison) have had the opportunity to go on a tour of Boston's top colleges?

Granted, the Browns were mainly on the East Coast to take part in a panel discussion on the plural marriage lifestyle, not explore the teens' academic options. But if the family were back in Utah and nobody knew who they were, I kind of doubt any of those kids would ever have found themselves hanging out with openly gay students on the Harvard campus.


What really impressed me, though, was that when the Ivy League-ers asked the Brown kids about their real feelings on plural marriage and whether or not they planned to carry the tradition on, the teens actually had individual, differing opinions on the subject.

Mariah apparently has already decided that she wants to have sister wives, while Madison and Aspyn are both leaning in the other direction. Logan's cool either way, happy to follow dad Kody's advice to do whatever makes him happy. (That kid's gotta be relieved he was born a boy.)

Anyway, I found it comforting that each kid didn't respond in robot fashion with some regurgitated, brainwashed soundbite about the sanctity of plural marriage. At least they're being allowed to think for themselves, or so it would seem.

It bodes well for their futures, is all I'm saying. And the fact that their family's TV show is going to continue to expose them to more and more people and ideas and ways of life makes me even more hopeful. Whatever lifestyle they end up choosing will truly be a choice, not an inherited condition.

Do you think any of the Brown kids will end up at Harvard?


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