Pippa Middleton's Relationship Didn't Stand a Fighting Chance

pippa middleton alex loudonPoor Pippa Middleton! Even though everyone's coveting her tuchus these days, the woman hasn't had an easy go of it in the love department. Ever since sister Kate got hitched and the international spotlight has shone warmly on Pippa, her relationship with boyfriend Alex Loudon has reportedly been on and off the rocks. Supposedly, he couldn't handle her jolt onto the stage of worldwide fame. If that's the case, what a wimp! (I also think they were doomed from the outset anyway. They're both Virgos born the same day as me, and I can tell you from experience: Two nitpicky, nervous nellies do not make a perfect match.) 

Although there was buzz about an impending engagement, rumor has it the pair had actually been drowning in a series of heated arguments (or "rows," as the Brits so quaintly put it). Definitely seems like the perfect storm for a break-up of magnificent proportions!


One of the worst one was said to be at an acquaintance's wedding. Ouch. How awkward is that?!

Alright, sure, all couples go through a hard time at some point or another. One close guy friend of mine was telling me that he and his girlfriend have recently experienced bumps in the road related to moving in together. Who hasn't been there? The good news is you can usually get through those "growing pains," so to speak. You can work on it, it's temporary, a glitch ... It's just natural for there to be some lows and highs in any relationship. 

BUT, if you're fighting all the time ... for MONTHS ... about the same thing(s), and it's just not getting any better, and neither of you really has the drive to fix it, well, that's probably a totally different story. One another friend of mine went through this past summer. She and her long-term boyfriend had been fighting nonstop, and she said that they never had fun together anymore. No, we shouldn't expect for our relationship to always be fun or easy, but when it's NEVER fun, and it's constantly a struggle ... Well, maybe that's a sign you've simply hit a wall with your relationship, and it's time to call it quits.

It's sad to hear that's what has happened to Alex and Pippa, and I wouldn't be surprised if they stay split up. Still, I don't feel that bad for Pippa. I'm sure another, even better suitor -- with whom she'll be even more compatible! -- is right around the bend.

How did you know when it was time to end a relationship?



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