Royal Ex Chelsy Davy Has Prince Harry, Not Money, on Her Mind

chelsy davy
Chelsy Davy
Like most people, I don't know much about Chelsy Davy, other than the fact that she was once the long-term girlfriend of Prince Harry. From what I've read about her in British tabloids, though (I know), I don't typically associate the privileged blonde with the word "class." Davy has many times been photographed stumbling out of nightclubs, half wasted, looking like a Lindsay Lohan-esque mess. (Google Image "Chelsy Davy drunk.")

But after reading a little tidbit about the former flame of Prince Ginger in my local Internet today, I'm starting to think my snap judgements about the smoking, hard-partying blonde have been all wrong. Chelsy Davy actually does have some class.


Ms. Davy apparently just turned down a very lucrative offer -- some are referring to it as a "fortune" -- for a kiss-and-tell-all book on Prince Harry. According to the Daily Mail (again, I know), Davy has told friends that she will "never, ever" speak about her seven-year relationship with William's younger brother, despite the fact that she has been offered a "phenomenal" amount of money for a book.

Now, in addition to knowing that young Chelsy likes to enjoy a nice glass of wine or ten while out on a night on the town, I also happen to know that Chelsy comes from a very rich family -- her father is a multi-millionaire. So, in other words, she doesn't need the money. But money isn't really what people, particularly young people, are after these days, is it? Fame is the thing that speaks to them more. And although Chelsy already has a little bit of fame in her own right, penning a tell-all about a member of the royal family would have put her over the top. It would have put her where most people would love to be.

So, kudos to Chelsy for turning down the book offer. I definitely have more respect for her ... and I definitely think that she (maybe?) is hoping to get back together with Prince Harry. And, I mean, can you blame her?

Do you think Chelsy Davy wants to get back with Prince Harry?


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