‘Breaking Dawn’ Fans Aren’t Going to Get Their Happy Ending

twilight breaking dawn camp outThe countdown to Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 1 has begun. The movie opens a week from today but fans are already freaking out. Some Twi-hards have actually taken their fandom to the next level and are camping out for tickets. Apparently, more than 700 fans have occupied the space in front of Nokia Theater in Los Angeles hoping to get a wristband that would enable them to see the premiere of the movie this coming Monday, a full four days before the rest of the world gets to see it on Friday, November 18.

It seems like things are under control at the camp-out -- so far no arrests nor fainting spells. But if this is the reaction for Part 1, what will the (over) reaction be for Part 2?


Fans have camped out for Twilight premieres in the past, but the frenzy seems heightened for this, the second to last film. L.A. has seen no dearth of tents this season ... between the OWS movement and the Breaking Dawn premiere, I suppose tent sales have increased 4,000 percent over last year. Glad to hear the Twilight camp-out is peaceful; it actually sounds like a lot of fun. Camping out with fellow Twi-hards while organizers screen past Twilight films? How do I get myself a ticket to L.A?

I'm a little curious, however, what this Twi-city of tents foreshadows. You can't be a Twilight fan and not wonder about what's coming next, can you? All I'm saying is that when Part 2 comes out, we could be in for some serious craziness. It'll be the last of the last films, the final chance to see Bella and Edward and that really buff werewolf guy who looks like Kris Humphries. How will we take the news?

Will the Part 2 camp-out take an aggressive turn? Fans ripping at each other's tents, clawing for spare wristbands, fighting over who's been a fan longest. The whole Twi-city could disintegrate into a heathenistic cult of vampires and werewolves seething about the end of the series they've loved, their identities now meaningless. I'm not poking fun (well, kinda) but I'm with them -- how will we cope with such a significant loss. The movie series is going to end, and then what? Where's our happy ending?

But! Thankfully, we won't have to worry about that for another year or two. So in the meantime: Yay! Part 1 is here!

How do you think fans will react/prepare for Part 2?


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