Kate Middleton Copies Angelina Jolie's Look, but Does It Better

kate middleton and angelina jolieIt's a showdown of fashion proportions. In one corner, we have Duchess Catherine wearing a silver Jenny Packham gown. In the other we have Angelina Jolie in the same dress, only in poppy. The question that usually follows here is: Who wore it better? But I don't think that's necessary. We all know who wore it better. Her tall, slender frame allows the frock to gracefully drape to the floor; besides a few minimalistic baubles, her long brown hair is the only accessory she needs to make sure she's wearing the gown, and that the gown is not wearing her.

Goodness she looks great, doesn't she?


Of course I'm talking about the Duchess here. Angie comes in a close second, but no one can top my Katie Poo. It was a tough call because essentially, Angelina's royalty, too. She and Brad are America's snooty homecoming king and queen -- they're the closest we have to any sort of monarchy. We didn't vote them into power, but they kind of rule our lives. I mean, how many days of work did you miss when Brad dumped Jen? I was out of commission for months, mourning the loss of stability in our nation's rulers.

But this style contest, this one in particular, goes to the Brits. Kate looks flawless, per usual -- I love her in (mostly) anything by Ms. Packham. That yellow dress was very cute. I wasn't so much a fan of the mermaid Packham creation, but you know, win some, lose some. Emma Watson is also an admirer of the line, and so is Kim Cattrall -- Packham dressed her in the Sex and the City movies.

Even though Angie is Hollywood and fashion royalty, she just doesn't measure up here to the real deal Duchess. Both women look enviable, but Kate takes the cake. 

Who do you think wore it better?


Photos via Jason Merritt/Getty and WPA Pool/Getty

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