This '16 & Pregnant' Breakup Was Inevitable

Another day, another Teen Mom breakup. Seriously, I would be more shocked if one of these couples actually stayed together. The latest breakup is Whitney Purvis who is single after dumping her son's father, Weston Gosa, for being a lazy "slacker." The 18-year-old who starred on 16 & Pregnant in 2009 has a good reason, but still. It's sad. 

Purvis and the couple's 2-year-old son Weston have moved back in with her parents. Purvis claims Gosa was gone all the time and wouldn’t come home until 3 a.m. many nights. She had no idea where he was, and between the partying and the other things, she had enough.

Good for her, but this is the sad truth of so many teen mom stories. For every exception -- the teen mom who finishes high school and college, marries the dad, and raises the kids together -- there are 10 stories like this one.


This is why teen parenthood isn't usually a grand idea. Yes, children survive the breakups of their parents' marriages (or breakups of their non-married parents), but it isn't the ideal, is it?

The rest of this story is probably going to go that route, too. Purvis will now be on her own with her son and his father will fade further and further into the background until he is barely part of the picture. Mark my words.

Sure, it could be different, but playing the odds, we know how this story goes. There is a reason teenagers aren't supposed to be parents. You may be the exception or know someone who is the exception. Personally, I know a couple of excellent women who became moms at 19 and beat the odds considerably. But it isn't the ideal and not what I would want or hope for my own daughter.

Purvis is making a good choice for her son. She is getting him back into her parents' house and maybe this will give her the opportunity to have some help and get on her feet. Maybe all of this will work out. That is always a possibility, right? But it's not the most likely story.

Do you think this breakup was obvious?


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