Is Vienna Girardi Faking Her Relationship for a Reality Show?

Vienna Girardi and Kasey Kahl will almost definitely break up. One needs only to have watched 20 minutes of Bachelor Pad 2 to know this. But when rumors started to heat up this week that the inevitable had already occurred, Kahl and Girardi were quick to squash them. And it makes perfect sense why.

They want a reality show. It has been obvious since Day One, and clearly, that desire hasn't abated over the months. Still, the fact that the two were once living together and are no more ought to prove very enlightening.

Do we really buy their denials? Kahl tells US Weekly:


We're just doing [the relationship] long distance right now. It's for the best.

Riiiiggghhhtt ... the couple had purchased a new Los Angeles home together in August, but Girardi has since moved out and returned to her native Florida.

Is anyone buying that they are still together? And even if they are, is anyone buying that it will last? If Kasey really wants a reality show, he would do better hooking up with Kim Kardashian. His name DOES start with K, after all.

The fact is, Vienna is a bad bet for long term. She is way too stuck on herself and high and mighty to possibly even begin to make a relationship last. These two would be better off splitting up and trying their own hands at reality TV separately. Or they could, you know, get real jobs.

But we all know that is pretty unlikely.

Do you think they broke up and are lying?


Image via ABC

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