Kim Kardashian's Ex-Publicist Admits to Staging Scenes

kim kardashian wedding
Kim & Kris trying to look natural
The Kardashians' house of cards might not be able to sustain the series of big old puffs that people continue to blow its way. It's a wobbly structure supported mainly by lies and collagen and it's starting to tumble down, bit by bit. The latest blow comes from Kim's ex-publicist, Jonathon Jaxson. He talked to the New York Post and basically said that he was responsible for staging a lot of drama for Kim on Keeping Up With the Kardashians back when he was managing her PR from 2007 to 2009.

Not that it's a big shocker that Kim's life is staged for TV, but it's nice to have some supposed evidence.


Jaxson blurted that he and Kim worked together on staging a scene for the show that implied Kim had received an engagement ring from Reggie Bush and that Reggie eventually dumped Kim because he didn't like the false sense of reality she was living in. Apparently Reggie never OK'd any of the rumors Jaxson and Kim leaked to the press and was pretty upset about the whole thing.

Kris Humphries, on the other hand, doesn't seem to have the same amount of scruples as Reggie Bush and was happy to manipulate the media right along with her. Hence the wedding. Jaxson alleges that Kim knew weeks before the wedding that it was a mistake, but when through with it anyway.

But I bet Jaxson isn't the only one that's pissed off enough at this whole charade to start speaking up. There are undoubtedly tens, heck, maybe hundreds of people who've worked in some capacity for the Kardashians or on one of their shows who are just sort of fed up with the lies. How great would it be if they all started spewing the dirty details? The fake wedding has really pissed a lot of people off, so much so that apparently even Khloe's had it up to here.

Hopefully Jaxson is a trailblazer of Kardashian whistle-blowers. Stand up, those of you who have proof Kim is playing us. Stand UP.

Do you think more evidence will surface that shows just how staged Kim's life really is?


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