Selling Michael Jackson’s Deathbed Is Sick & Wrong

Michael Jackson tributeThe bed in which Michael Jackson died is up for auction.

Somehow the morbidness of that makes me unspeakably sad and kind of grossed out. Here is a man who had no privacy, really, from a very young age, whose every move was tracked by his ardent fans and fervent detractors. He had such a hard time escaping from expectations that he eventually sought peace in the drug that ultimately killed him.

In a way, it's hard not to feel that our attention played a role in his demise.

Of course, looked at like that, it's no surprise that, even in death, the bits and pieces of his life would be peeked at and prodded for hidden meanings.


It's disheartening to learn that the items to be auctioned from the three-story Los Angeles home in which he died will include a kitchen chalkboard on which his children jotted, "I (heart) Daddy. SMILE, it's for free"; a chair from his "medication room" that's still smeared with the pop superstar's makeup; and a note Jackson left to himself on a mirror: "TRAIN, perfection, March April. FULL OUT May." But it's particularly heartbreaking to learn that his deathbed itself will be offered for sale.

The celebrity auctioneer, Darren Julien, whose company is selling the items next month, told the Associated Press he's hoping to "preserve the history of these items."

And yes, I suppose I understand the impulse to hold on to the items left behind by the stars we've loved. (Who will buy it? What will they use it for?) But the deathbed, and the tragic mistakes it brings to mind, don't really seem like the sort of thing Jackson would want to be remembered for. Better to remember him for the breathtaking performances and era-defining music he left behind: It's a far more fitting legacy.

Are you grossed out by the idea that Michael Jackson's deathbed is being auctioned off?


Image via buridan/Flickr

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