10 Things Lindsay Lohan's Latest Fashion Choice Reveals

lindsay lohanLindsay Lohan was just released from her 30-day jail sentence, excuse me, her four-hour jail sentence and she's back serving the community. Lindsay was spotted by TMZ hustling into the morgue wearing an off-white, off-the-shoulder sweatshirt with the word "YES" written on the front. I suppose it's better than "NOT GUILTY" or "HAHA, LOSERS!" but what does it mean??

If you're not into taking stabs at what might be behind Lindsay's innocuous or objectionable fashion choices, then congrats on winning at life. If you're like me, then read on. Here are 10 things her "YES" shirt could mean.

  1. Yes! I escaped prison time again, suckers!
  2. Yes! I'm headed inside to touch dead people, so?
  3. Yes! I hear Hugh Hefner has allowed me to use a body double in my Playboy shoot!
  4. Yes! My old set of teeth is going to sell on eBay for $4.75!
  5. Yes! I heard about my dad and the restraining order. But enough about him. Look at my "YES" shirt!
  6. Yes! It's Pizza day at the morgue! Mmm, cheeeeese.
  7. Yes! Kim Richards has just what I'm looking for!
  8. Yes! I mean, No! I'm not on drugs!
  9. Yes ... my mom's shopping a tell-all. Do you want to buy this pre-signed copy I have?!
  10. Yes! As soon as I'm finished here, I'm going to hit up the nearest jewelry store!

Watch TMZ's footage of LiLo and tell me: What do you think Lindsay's shirt means?


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Photo via tmz.com

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