Ex Oscar Show Producer Brett Ratner Offers Even More Apologies

brett ratnerAs most people who have turned on a computer this week are aware, Brett Ratner is no longer producing the 2012 Oscars broadcast. Ratner has apologized for remarking that "rehearsal is for fags" at a recent screening of his new film Tower Heist, starring Eddie Murphy and Ben Stiller

Ratner talked to GLAAD and made what sounds like a sincere apology.


I apologize for any offense my remarks caused. It was a dumb and outdated way of expressing myself .... Everyone who knows me knows that I don't have a prejudiced bone in my body. But as a storyteller I should have been much more thoughtful about the power of language and my choice of words.

But this is not the first time Ratner has come under the gun for imprecise language and abuse of his storytelling prowess.

He's said some fratboy-ish things about Lindsay Lohan and other women he's slept with, which, given the culture of Hollywood, is a disappointment but not a surprise. However, Ratner's controversial comments on other seemingly benign issues have kept his publicists scrambling to keep the 42-year-old filmmaker out of the headlines.

In March of 2007 while test-driving Bentleys with his friend and Star Wars icon Carrie Fisher, Ratner reportedly dismissed the Bentley's safety features, saying, "Wearing seat belts is for cheerleaders and gopher mascots," unleashing a firestorm of criticism from both the NCAA and the Furry community.

"I deeply regret my remarks," Ratner read from a carefully prepared statement to representatives from the National Cheerleaders Association. "Cheerleaders and large-headed college football mascots are a symbol of hard work, pom-pons, and America, and I respect their dedication to making football games sexier."

Ratner then had to apologize further for the "sexier" remark and also perform 20 hours of community service refilling those claw machines where you try to grab a stuffed animal and drop it down a chute.

But he still hadn't learned his lesson by November of the same year as he prepared to direct a PSA for PETA. While waiting for k.d. lang to get into her cow suit, Ratner remarked, "Staying sober on Christmas is for cotton-headed ninny-muggins" and immediately issued an apology to Will Ferrell and the makers of Elf, saying,

I showed myself to be King of the Cotton-headed Ninny-muggins for my remarks about the convivial effects of alcohol and implying that I can't spend time with my family without being hammered.

He made a separate apology to his mother.

Meanwhile, now that Eddie Murphy has dropped out of the Oscars broadcast as well, the Oscars are in search of a new host. Rumors are spreading of a short list that includes Tina Fey and several Muppets.


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