There’s No Way Robert Pattinson Is a Shy Lover

robert pattinsonRobert Pattinson is one cheeky monkey. In an interview with Parade, he said, get this, that he was embarrassed doing the love scenes in Breaking Dawn: Part 1 with girlfriend of several years Kristen Stewart. Yeah and it wasn't because of the cameras, the lights, or all the people standing around him as he simulated sex -- he specifically said he didn't want to embarrass himself in front of Kristen. To which I say, the jig is up, RPatz, OK? No one actually thinks that you and KStew are just two shy, innocent lovebirds who play Connect Four at night and go home to your separate billion-dollar apartments by 10 p.m., ayight?

He's not embarrassed. He's just being coy. He's trying to fool us, but pawns in his game we shall be no longer. Especially not after this next little tiddly bit.


Turns out, the sex scenes were so hot, they had to be reshot. The producers were afraid that if they left them in as is, they'd get an R rating and alienate most of their audience. So Pattinson is trying to have us believe that he's some quiet, self-conscious lover, yet what he and Kristen shot between the sheets was so hard-core that a do-over was ordered? Y'okay, Bobby Boy ... sure you were really embarrassed. Suuure.

If there was something to be bashful about, like a small, wiggly tail or a mole with teeth, I'm positive KStew would've dumped him long, long ago. But since they've been together forever, I have a feeling that he's doing all right in the bedroom off screen and on. Stop playing, Robert. You da man.

There's a lot of hype about this love scene and I know that our not-so-bashful boy toy will not disappoint. So, question: I know that Bella and Edward's bed was up for auction, but what about the director's cut of the original take of the acted love-making? When can someone get their hands on that? I think I know someone who might be interested.

Do you think RPatz has anything to be embarrassed about, or is he just playing coy with us?


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