'Glee' Recap: Rachel's First Time Was Really for Kurt

Lea Michele Darren CrissSurprise, surprise. Glee's promised First Time did indeed refer to Rachel and Finn going all the way while his mom and stepfather are out of town. But Ms. Berry's trumpets and fireworks were just a giant set-up to let Kurt and Blaine (sorry Klaine-fans, but I can't go for it. . . can I put in my vote for Blurt?) take a trip into TV history.

Yes, prime time network television just saw a couple of gay teens losing their virginity to one another. And now for the real news.


The "gross recklessness" the Parents Television Council warned us about turned out to look more like someone pulled out a teen girl's diary and read off her rainbow and glittery fantasies of how perfect the first time was going to go. MTV's racy Skins this was not. Blurt's co-virginity loss was a whole lot of sweetness and light. And if you tune into a show full of pop songs looking for something deeper than that, you're the one who needs to be apologizing, not the writers at Glee.

They wanted to let the "different" kids be happy and regular for once. News flash: that's what this show is about!

It's no coincidence that they timed Rachel's first time to coincide with Kurt's. They could give us mirror images to drive home just how normal the gay kids are, and use Rachel's vanilla social life to add a dash of purity to what was supposed to be some huge controversy. Her innocence complements Kurt's. It brings the focus back on his youthful optimism. Consider this Glee's way of gently breaking the news to society that the gay kids are alright.

Besides the presence of an extra Y chromosome in the room, there wasn't much to separate the Blurt bedroom scene from Finchel's across town. They were teens. They were hormonal. They decided they were in love. They said they wanted a first time they'd always remember, and there you go. Sexytimes after opening night of McKinley High's drama club show, West Side Story.

They made a controversial gay teen sex scene pretty boring, and we all owe Ryan Murphy and the Glee writers a round of applause for that.

It's true: gay teenagers put on their pants the same way that the straight ones do, America. They drink the same soda, and eat the same potato chips. And just like the straight girls, they dream of getting the guy who's "sex on a stick and sings like a dream" to whisper sweet nothings in their ears too.

Do you remember your first time? Was it as magical as this Glee episode tried to make it out to be?


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