Robert Pattinson's Brilliant Instincts Made 'Breaking Dawn' a Better Movie

robert pattinsonNobody does dark and brooding like Robert Pattinson. I don't know about you, but this Twi-Hard suffered right along with Bella during those painful Twilight scenes when Edward seemed almost revolted by his future wife. Why doesn't he like her? Oh, unrequited teenage human/vampire love!

Of course Edward loved Bella from the start -- as it turns out, he just didn't know how to love himself. Awww!

That's the way RPattz saw his character anyway, according to Bill Condon. Apparently Robert Pattinson only recently revealed Edward's darkest secrets to the Breaking Dawn director ...


Apparently Pattinson spent the first three movies playing Edward as a man "filled with regret and self-loathing," plagued with intense guilt over becoming a murderous "monster" (before going vamp-vegetarian, that is).

So that was the reason for Edward's hot/cold flashes! The way RPattz played it (those convincingly steely eyes!), I would have been one devastated KStew. I've said it before and I'll say it again ... that man deserves an Oscar!

Seriously. Robert Pattinson's instincts as an actor even influenced the direction of Breaking Dawn, Condon was so impressed:

Now he’d been playing with that across three movies, but it was barely mentioned in those movies. I went back and worked with screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg and we put that into the beginning of the movie. So you understood where Edward was coming from and then you were able to watch him shed that because the person he cared most about said, "OK, I see that but I accept you anyway," and then he’s able to accept himself. So much stuff comes out of working with the actors.

I should say so! Particularly when you-know-who is one of those actors.

What would you ask RPattz about playing Edward if you could?


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