New ‘Twilight’ Perfume Will Attract Sexy Vampires

immortal twilightEver wonder what Bella Swan smells like? Wonder you shall no more. The new fragrance from the Twilight Beauty collection, "Immortal Twilight," is supposed to smell like our lovely, lovely protagonist. A combination of citrus, wild freesia, chamomile, musk, and patchouli, wear this scent and I'm sure you'll be attracting skinny vampires with amazing hair in no time.

Breaking Dawn Part I comes out in ten days (ten days!), so between this perfume and the Twilight hairstyling tools, we'll be all set to celebrate in style.


“Immortal” takes inspiration not only from Bella's irresistible scent, but it's also inspired by Bella and Edward’s breathless romance story. While some would assume that it would smell like garlic vampire babies, teen angst, and un-sun-kissed skin, I'm happy to hear that the fragrance will be light and feminine. But if you want something a little more masculine, more earthy, there's always "Twilight Woods" to fall back on.

So if you're looking for the perfect way to treat yourself before the premiere event, Bella's scent is the perfect thing. That, a bucket of buttery movie-theater popcorn, a Coke, and a big screen showing of Breaking Dawn might be the cure-all we've been waiting for.

Are you curious about this perfume?


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