Kim Richards Medication Shocker Is Actually Really Sad

kim richardsLast night's episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills revealed a lot about the kooky Kim Richards. Turns out she's not, in fact, off the wagon and drinking again, as many (Brandi Glanville) suspected, but instead on a boat-load of medication. And there's the answer to her strange, erratic, loopy, giggly behavior.

The mystery was solved thanks to none-other than super sleuth himself, Dr. Paul Nassif (Adrienne Maloof's husband). Before administering a Botox-like substance into Richard's face, Nassif, as any good doctor would, asked Kim what medications she was taking. To which she listed off Lexapro, an anti-anxiety medication; Trazadone, an antidepressant; and Topamax, an anti-seizure medication, which can be used to treat alcoholism.

So, now instead of feeling suspicious of Kim Richards, I feel really bad for her. Clearly, she's not okay.


She may seem all bubbly and happy -- particularly since she's decided to move in with this new dude -- but obviously, underneath, she's someone who's really hurting. That's a lot of medication for a woman her size.

To be totally honest, I actually have felt kind of bad for Kim since the series started. She's always been the one by herself, sort of awkwardly standing off to the side, while her sister, Kyle -- who has everything -- is always the life of the party. But I thought she was one of those people who sort of just shuffled everything to the back of her brain and didn't think about it much. I mean, I knew if she sat down and thought about it, it would bother her, but, well, I really didn't think she sat down and thought about it all that much.

I was sad watching her list off her medications to Paul. Not just because she's on all of them, because she did it so haphazardly, so "no big deal." It was almost as if she was trying to convince him -- and the cameras -- that she's perfectly fine, just taking a little medication to get her through the day. Clearly, that's not the case if she's taking three.

Finding out why Kim has been acting the way she acts was kind of heart-breaking, but I'm glad we -- and Paul -- know. I feel like it'll help us -- and him -- understand her more, and be more sympathetic. Hopefully, it'll do the same for Kyle. 

Were you surprised to learn that Kim was on these meds?


Image via Bravo

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