Avril Lavigne's Bloody Attack: Has Anyone Seen Kelly Osbourne?

It sounds like Avril Lavigne made a brief return to her punk rock roots at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel nightclub this weekend, because she managed to get in a brawl worthy of the Sex Pistols. Details of the fight aren't clear yet, but apparently Lavigne had an altercation with another woman that turned violent—at which point her boyfriend Brody Jenner attempted to intervene, which earned him a bloody gash in the forehead from a smashed bottle.

Lavigne has denied that she instigated the conflict, having posted on Twitter that she doesn't believe in fighting, but the whole story seems more than a little strange. Especially when you consider that another famously outspoken celebrity took to Twitter yesterday to discuss a mysterious head injury.



It seems Kelly Osbourne also had a rough weekend, ending up briefly hospitalized after she managed to hit her head hard enough to fall unconscious. She posted a brief tweet about the incident, saying she was okay and her mom Sharon Osbourne was taking care of her:

Meanwhile, Avril Lavigne was describing her own injuries on Twitter, saying that she had a "black eye, bloody nose, hair ripped out, scratches, bruises and cuts."

Lavigne and Osbourne totally got in a catfight. Kelly probably made fun of Avril's outfit and then Avril started singing "It's Complicated" and then BAM. Broken bottles everywhere.
Of course, Lavigne's saying that her fight was the result of five people ganging up on her:

Also there's the small matter of Lavigne's drama happening in Hollywood while Osbourne was in Miami, but come on, like they don't have the money to cover up what is obviously a massive celebrity conspiracy. The first rule of B-Lister Fight Club is you don't talk about B-Lister Fight Club.

Anyway, the real story here is that thankfully, everyone is okay. Between Brody Jenner having his head split open by a bottle, and Kelly Osbourne cracking her head open in some unknown way, it seems like we were dangerously on the verge of losing some of the best and brightest minds in the entertainment industry. Whew, that was a close one.

Image via Flickr/seewhatsee

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