Kim Kardashian Is NeNe Leaks' Hero

nene leaksLove her or hate her, it's nice having NeNe Leaks back around, amiright? She just adds a certain spunkiness, a certain ...  je ne sais quoi to the fetid underbelly that is late night TV on Bravo. Even when she's in the wrong (last night's argument with Sheree), I still can't help but kinda like her. So I'm going to go ahead and forgive her despite her asinine comments on Kim Kardashian's divorce.

When the Housewife sat down with E! News, the inevitable subject of Kim's 10 week marriage to Kris Humphries came up. NeNe nodded sympathetically when quizzed on her thoughts, then responded with this gem: "You have to work at marriage and I know its hard. But to be married just 72 days, I feel badly for them. Not everyone can deal with pressures of reality TV. It's about your career and not everyone can handle it."


The thing that I don't understand about NeNe's comment is: What career? NeNe is currently going through relationship troubles of her own right now -- she and her husband, Gregg, have separated -- so I'm assuming her words had a bit of a double entendre. She wasn't just talking about Kim's "career," she was talking about her "career." Which, again, is what exactly?

It's my assumption -- and I could be wrong -- that the majority of women who audition for a spot on Housewives are doing so because they're searching for fame. With the exception of maybe Bethenny Frankel, I don't think any look to get on to promote an already budding career of theirs. It turns into a career -- a singing career, a cookbook career, a  fashion career -- after they've been on the show for a season or two. And even then, rarely does it become a career career. Sure, there are the people like Bethenny and Teresa Giudice who have legitimately made money off of their forays, but for the most part, it's a hobby. And, at the risk of sounding callous, it should sort of be treated that way.

I'm not saying NeNe or any other reality star should throw away whatever dreams they have, but I am saying that it shouldn't be all about their careers/hobbies to the point of alienating others. Particularly significant others.

NeNe saying "it's about your career and not everyone can handle it" speaks volumes. It shows that it really was all about her in her relationship with Gregg (just like it's probably all about Kim in all of her relationships), and it shows that she thinks "handling it" is something that she expects. She says it like it's a good thing. She says it like she assumes Gregg and Kris are at fault for not "handling their women's careers." (And it says that she's dying for a Kim Kardashian "career" of her own.)

There's a difference between "handling things" and just being supportive. I'm more of a fan of the latter. But, like I said, NeNe's my girl, so I won't hate.

Do you think NeNe and Kim's husbands weren't supportive of their careers? Do you think NeNe and Kim probably asked too much of Gregg and Kris?


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