'Real Housewives of Atlanta' Recap: NeNe Leaks Isn't as Tough as She Seems

nene leaksThe premiere episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta brought on many new things. We got to see what Kim Zolciak is like pregnant (yay, us!). We learned that Kandi Burruss is coming out with a line of sex toys, which will include -- wait for it -- a vibrator that syncs up to iTunes to play your favorite jam while you're ... you know. We got wind of the fact that Phaedra Parks has a passion for funeral planning. And we got see our girl NeNe Leaks go toe-to-toe with the prissy Sheree Whitfield.

Oh, girls, where have you been?


Let's cut to the chase -- and by chase, I mean the drama: NeNe and Sheree. The girls were arguing about what all housewives seem to argue about: Money and "who's jealous of who." It was a stupid fight, where both women (especially NeNe) spoke over one another the entire time and no one could really hear or understand what exactly was going on. The best part, though? When Sheree called their mutual friend, Tyrone, to confirm that her side of the story was true, NeNe picked up her phone and called her assistant to confirm her side of the story. So, it was basically two people sitting next to each other talking to people, respectively, on speaker phone. Grown women really do that?

Of course, when the going got tough, NeNe got going. She up and left the table. But Sheree wasn't having it. She chased her ass out of the restaurant and was yelling at NeNe in the street. Sheree, I'm shocked! That's so not classy. Anyway, as tough as NeNe acts, she was genuinely upset about her fight with Sheree, as when she got home, she broke down.

NeNe recapped what happened with Sheree with Cynthia, who stopped by. And she was really affected. I don't think it strictly had to do with what went on with Sheree, I think -- it seemed, at least -- like everything was just crashing down on her at once. And she cracked.

Of course, after composing herself, NeNe put on her tough armor again. She even mentioned "stabbing Sheree in the chest" (figuratively) during her confessional. That's the NeNe we know. Guess we'll have to see if she sticks around.

What did you think of tonight's episode?


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