Justin Bieber Is Right to Agree to Paternity Test

justin bieber picDenial is an ugly thing, but it's what Justin Bieber has become good at since 20-year-old Mariah Yeater claimed her baby boy is his, the result of a backstage tryst she says she had with the teen heartthrob. But now the Biebs, who insists he's never even met Yeater, has agreed to take a paternity test to clear the whole mess up.

Bieber, 17, will reportedly take the DNA test in two weeks when he comes back to the United States from Europe. He then plans to sue Yeater, who has already filed a paternity lawsuit seeking child support.

It's all such a sordid affair, but you know what? It's about time Bieber faces up to these allegations and does what's right. It's the only way he'll be able to put this matter to rest and move on. That is to say if the paternity test comes back negative, of course ...


If his DNA proves a match with that of Yeater's infant son Trystan, well, our seemingly innocent little Bieber has another thing coming. For starters, a career in ruins.

The thing is, the whole scandal is pretty dodgy on both sides, and it seems possible that neither Bieber nor Yeater is telling the whole truth. The details -- that Bieber met the woman backstage and acted nice until the two were alone before aggressively seducing her in a bathroom -- are pretty damning, especially considering the singer's squeaky clean image.

That said, Yeater herself seems pretty dodgy -- especially lately, with her ex-boyfriend's family coming forward to say she'd originally accused him of being the child's father and then got herself arrested for battery for slapping him during a fight over it. Now her lawyers are apparently turning up M.I.A. after the Bieber camp's announcement that they'd found a lab to take the DNA swabs.

It's entirely possible that some version of the encounter did take place. It's also possible that it never happened -- though that would be pretty risky of Yeater to take such strong action against such a public figure. If the two did hook up on some level, it's just as much a possibility that they either didn't have full-blown sex or that Bieber is not the baby's father.

No matter what, this drama will dog Bieber until it's resolved. So the best thing for him to do is face the music, succumb to the paternity test, and go on from there. It's the only way he can get himself out from under this dark, ugly cloud. It's brave of him to go through with it and do what he needs to do to clear his name.

Do you think Justin Bieber should take a DNA test? Do you think he's the father of Mariah Yeater's baby?


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