Kim Kardashian Is Asking for Trouble by Visiting Kris Humphries

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Yesterday, we all took bets about how long Kim Kardashian would stay in hiding after her emotional week -- and, it looks like I lost that one big time. The news today is that Kim was spotted getting off a plane in Minneapolis, Minnesota, which is, of course, the hometown of her husband, Kris Humphries, and where he's been hiding out ever since news of the divorce broke. And, of course, you know what THAT means.


Actually, contrary to all the blogs that are now speculating that Kim and Kris are getting back together, a visit doesn't have to mean anything at all. Why is it that when couples get divorced, people think they'll never ever see each other again? That couldn't be farther from reality. Sure, there's the slim chance that these two could be reuniting. But it's much more likely that Kim and Kris have lots of stuff to discuss in person.

Kris has made it clear in the press that he was absolutely blindsided by the divorce papers. So perhaps Kim went there to explain her actions. Another possibility? They are sad and just wanted to see each other. (Either that or they went there to hammer out the details of the settlement.)

It's completely reasonable for an ordinary person getting a divorce to fly to see their spouse; but Kim's in a tricky situation because she has the paparazzi and fans following -- and judging! -- her every move. Once people hear that's she's visiting Kris, they're going to immediately speculate it's a PR stunt to "pretend" to get back together or a publicity move to keep the wedding gifts or another scenario equally as negative. It seems like it would be better for her -- and her image -- if she could she just stay put for a while until this whole thing calms down -- or at the very least maybe travel a little more discreetly?

Why do you think Kim went to visit Kris?


Image via Lisa Maree Williams/Getty Images

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