Read the Mass Email Kim Kardashian Sent to Her Family Announcing Divorce

kim kardashianPoor Kim Kardashian. Ever since she announced her divorce from Kris Humphries, the world has seemed to turn against her. And, as of now, that actually includes her own family. Not her immediate family -- no, they'll defend her and the "very little money she made off the wedding" until they're blue in the face. I'm talking about her extended family.

Before breaking the news to the world that she was filing for divorce from her husband of 72 days, Kim crafted a well-thought out perfunctory letter mass email to her relatives, letting them know what was about to be unleashed upon the world. While I'm sure they appreciated the sentiment, they also released the email to the public. It is really not your week, Kim.

Check out what she said in the email.


According to TMZ, this is the email Kim allegedy wrote her family:

I would rather you hear it from me than someone else or the news.

I know this seems crazy ... I've spent the last few months struggling with my marriage.

Kris is a great guy but we come from such different worlds and he isn't what I thought when we 1st met.

I'm embarrassed that I took everyone on this journey with me and had this huge wedding. But I have to be happy, so I have to let this relationship go. 

It's nice enough that Kim took time out of her busy schedule to compose this email, but first of all ... a mass email? Aren't these the people who traveled to watch you tie the knot and bought you lavish gifts? Aren't these the people who perhaps deserve a quick phone call? Aren't these the people who ... shouldn't be releasing this email to the press? I'm guessing Kim can't be all that tight with these folks if they were willing to sell her email for a couple of bucks. I'm thinking the email was more a preventative precaution so her relatives wouldn't start spewing things like, "I had no idea this was happening!" and "I'm outraged!" to the media.

The other thing that strikes me about this is that, while giving her family a heads up was the right thing to do, what about Kris? I know 72 days isn't long, but Kim was married to the guy. Didn't he deserve a little warning, also? Even if only in an email. Seems like a lot of people knew before him.

Bottom line is Kim really is not handling this marriage/divorce well at all, which is surprising because isn't this a woman who turned a sex tape into a billion-dollar career? Kris Jenner, looks like you need to do better damage control.

Do you think Kim is handling her divorce well?


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