Kate Middleton's Peanut Refusal Sparks Nutty Rumors

Kate MiddletonSometimes the life of a princess doesn't seem so dreamy after all. One of the drawbacks? Having the world analyze every move you make, every spoonful you put into your mouth, for hidden clues.

You think I'm exaggerating? Kate Middleton is making headlines for declining to take a bite of "peanut paste" (a famine-fighting staple that may or may not be the same as peanut butter) during a visit to a United Nations aid station in Copenhagen earlier this week. Prince William and royal hosts, the Danish Crown Prince and his wife, happily sampled the stuff.

Because peanuts are considered by some (though not all) medical experts to be a no-no during pregnancy, Kate's refusal to dig in has prompted -- you guessed it -- speculation that she's totally got a bun in the oven.


"Reports say she also gave her husband a knowing look as he examined the paste's packaging and label," ABC News notes.

Oh, for Pete's sake. Can't a girl pass up a bite of peanut butter (or paste or whatever) without everyone concluding that she's pregnant? And can't we cut these kids a break? They just got married, for goodness' sake. Stop cranking up the baby pressure already. How do we know they're not trying to get pregnant, in which case all the speculation is probably particularly unwelcome?

I'm guessing that when and if Kate and Will do decide to have kids, they'll let us know when they're ready to. Until then, let's just let them live their royal lives in relative peace, shall we?

Do you think it's fair to speculate that Kate Middleton is pregnant because she passed a peanut product by?

Image via nothingtoomuch1/Flickr

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