How Did Lindsay Lohan Screw Up Her 'Playboy' Shoot?

lindsay lohanYou'd think Lindsay Lohan would have the sexy pose down by now, but apparently she has some work to do. Her photo shoot for Playboy? It didn't go so well. The octogenarian in a velvet robe didn't approve. According to E! News, once Hugh Hefner saw Lindsay's spread, he called for a redo. That's gotta sting.

So Lindsay's putting off jail for a few more days so that she can squeeze in a second attempt at being a sexy vixen for the nudie mag. The reason why she didn't nail it on the first shoot is a mystery, which is unusual because we usually know everything about LiLo -- we've been seeing her tatas and lady parts in magazines for years. So what could Hef have seen that made him call for a do-over?


The initial thought is that perhaps her cruddy teeth were the problem, but I think she got them fixed before the shoot. Listen. I'm worried. If Lindsay can't pose sexily for nearly naked photo spreads, what does she have going for her? Her acting career is in the tanker, not to mention her singing career (yeah, remember that?), so all that's left for her (right now) is modelling.

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And as a fan of hers, I'm concerned. What were Hef's objections? Did she smell like dead people? Working at the morgue does have some side effects. Did she have dead eyes? Her alleged coke habit might make her look a little vacant. Was she just not bringing her A-game? For a million bucks, Hef might not settle for anything less than perfect.

But what stresses me the most is that Hef, at 85 years old, can probably barely see through his cataract eyes, but even he was able to tell that Lindsay looked a hot mess. That doesn't inspire much hope, tell you that much.

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I really don't see why they're making her give it another go, though -- we all know they're going to Photoshop Lindsay into a healthy, happy, and arousing version of herself. Shoot. Maybe LiLo was the one who demanded a redo just to postpone going to the slammer. Who knows.

So many questions. This may be the first time in history that Lindsay Lohan has left room for a little mystery.

Why do you think Lindsay had to redo the shoot?


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