Only Ricky Gervais Can Make 2012 Golden Globes Watchable

Remember that one time Ricky Gervais hosted the the Golden Globes and he made all those offensive jokes and tons of people freaked out and called him a bully and the Hollywood Foreign Press Association was like, oh dear, oh dear, Mr. Gervais definitely crossed the line and we at HFPA do not condone his actions and the whole thing was quite unacceptable, tut tut tut?

Yeah, it turns out that the almighty dollar trumps all, even the hand-wringing of the celebrity-appeasing foreign press. Because naturally the HFPA pointed out that while they didn't necessarily approve of Gervais's jokes last January, they sure liked the ratings: 17 million viewers, up 5 percent from the year before.

Oh, and those reports about how Gervais was permanently banned from ever hosting the awards show again? Not so much. A mere 10 months later, he's apparently being courted to present the 2012 Globes—despite, or more accurately, because of last year's controversy.


This isn't exactly a new rumor, since Gervais confirmed earlier this year that he'd already been approached to host again, thanks to those impressive viewer ratings. At the time he said he was "pretty sure" he wouldn't take the hosting gig, but if he did, he wasn't going to pull any punches:

I'll tell you this. If they do invite me back and I accept, I'm going to pull exactly the same s*** again or even worse. Once again, everyone has been warned.

The current revelation is that he was recently spotted at dinner with NBC’s head of specials and the president of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, and that "the champagne was flowing and glasses were clinking." After Page Six reported news of the dinner, Gervais teased fans with the following tweet:

While some folks clearly don't care for Gervais's self-promotion and ability to milk nearly a year's worth of press out of one hosting night, as far as I'm concerned, bringing Gervais back is the only thing that would entice me to actually sit through an entire awards show. I mean, the shows are long and often painfully boring, and a drab host with stale jokes can make the whole thing unwatchable. Personally, I'd love to see Gervais come back to skewer the A-listers in attendance, because come on, someone needs to have the balls to tell Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp to their beautiful famous faces that, yes, The Tourist was a total piece of shit.

What do you think about the possibility of Gervais hosting the 2012 Globes? Are you for it, or against it?

Image via Flickr/tomdog

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