10 Reasons Kim Kardashian Should Be the Next 'Bachelorette'

Kim Kardashian may have just gone through a highly publicized marriage and subsequent filing for divorce, but that hardly means she is down and out. Certainly, we haven't even seen half of what Kardashian is capable of doing.

Her 72-day marriage to Kris Humphries may be horrifying to those of us who have been married longer than five minutes (I am going on 43 Kardashians!), but the publicity around her never ends. She may be getting enormous flak for duping the public in such a big and garish way, but she will be back with a vengeance.

Naturally, there is one huge thing she could do to restore her image. She could be the next Bachelorette. There is only one show on TV that generates so much massive publicity for sham engagements and marriages, after all. Kardashian is a shoo-in. Here are 10 reasons Kim Kardashian should be the next Bachelorette:

  1. She's already destroyed the sanctity of marriage: Like ABC, Kardashian clearly has no respect for the institution of marriage and engagements.
  2. She could save ABC a ton of money on the ring: Reportedly, Kim is planning to keep the $2 million ring given to her by Humphries, so whoever takes home the final rose can just recycle that ring. It will go back to Kim after the breakup anyway!
  3. Kardashian marriages last as long as Bachelor engagements: If you thought Emily Maynard and Brad Womack had a short-lived engagement, let's recall that a whole Kardashian MARRIAGE was even shorter. She could rock that three-month engagement!
  4. She needs life lessons from Chris Harrison: Harrison is a bit like the lame older brother you never wanted. Since Kim has no older brother to steer her in love, Harrison is a great pick. He can impart some cheesy wisdom and "tough love" and help her find her next 72-day romance. Also, he could change his name to Kris Harrison. Just for one season.
  5. She brings a cute gimmick: All the bachelors competing for Kardashian's heart could have names that start with K! Think of the possibilities! Karl, Kameron, and Kaleb. It would be like a massive alliteration party. If only Kim knew what that was ...
  6. They could bring back Kiptyn: He is a natural with his K name, right? After all, that's all a dude needs to get Kim to walk down the aisle it seems. He'll never marry that pesky Tenley anyway.
  7. She is less boring than Ashley Hebert: Was there ever a more boring Bachelorette than Hebert? I think not! Kardashian will never make that mistake. She will always bringeth le drama.
  8. She is used to mansions: Kardashian grew up in and around Beverly Hills, so the trappings of romance the show uses to lure their typically middle class contestants with won't faze Kim. She is already famous, too, so it wouldn't be for that. To use Bachelor lingo: "She's in it for the right reasons."
  9. Her butt: It must always be mentioned. There it is.
  10. She could do a big first: Kardashian may not be a virgin (a fact most of us know FOR SURE), but she does have a sex tape. Guess who doesn't have one? Anyone on the Bachelor. Ever. She could be the first! She would be like a Bachelor pioneer and help them segue from ABC family entertainment to Vivid Video. I would totally watch the X-rated Bachelor. Who wouldn't?

Would you watch Kardashian on The Bachelor?


Image via Flickr/Kalumba2009

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