'Teen Mom' Leah Messer Is Making a Huge Boyfriend Mistake

Leah Messer and Corey Simms once seemed like the Teen Mom couple who would make it. But just seven months after divorcing Simms, it seems Messer is moving on and moving in with her new man Jeremy Calvert. If Messer is in love, then good for her, but why the rush to move in? Is this really the best choice for her twin girls, Aleeah and Aliannah?

Aliannah has a genetic condition and Messer purposely chose a home closer to the hospital where she receives treatment, but she thinks it's a good idea to move in this fast? She is only in her early 20s (if even that). There is no reason to rush through all this.

She has already been married and divorced and to move in again so soon? This tells me she is going to do it all again.


Call me cynical, but I don't really hold out an enormous amount of hope for Messer's future with this guy either. And even if they were going to make it forever, why the rush? She could just as easily wait a year, date him seriously, and THEN move in together.

At just 21 months old, her babies need stability. They need to feel like they know what to expect from their days and from their home. A quick divorce, new boyfriend, and co-habitation situation all within one year are the opposite of stability and are the opposite of what these kids need.

No matter how sure she is, this is a bad decision. As a single mom, she needs to be thinking about more than just her own needs. Sure, a young teen might move in with someone quickly or make a major relationship decision too fast. But she can't think like a teen. She is a mom and her kids have to come first.

If she breaks up with him and does it all over again, these kids will just keep getting to know different men, and they will be confused and sad and feel rejected. It's not a healthy situation. Children need to be shielded.

Do you think this is a bad decision?


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