Proof 'Jersey Shore' Is Fake Is Totally Depressing (VIDEO)

fake jersey shoreAs a fan of reality TV, it pains me to share this with you. A clever, extremely observant dude sat down to watch an episode of Jersey Shore and was taken aback by all the "mistakes" he saw in one particular scene. And by "mistakes," I mean instances of the producers intervening. Sean Klitzner, the man behind the bad news, made a video of said scene and circled, highlighted, and walked us through just how, exactly, fake the Jersey Shore is. And people? It's disheartening.

Between this and the audio clip of the producers giving Kourtney directions during Kim's wedding, I don't know what's real and what isn't anymore.


Yeah, I knoooow reality shows aren't real, OK? Everyone does. But we need to keep up the illusion that they're unscripted and totally genuine in existence because the characters makes us feel superior, and sober. We need to know that there are people out there who are worse individuals than we are. Isn't that what reality shows are all about? 

So reality show producers need to tighten their ish up. No more with these slip-ups, OK? Because I don't like to be reminded that there's nothing real about reality. I want to pretend that Snooki gets into spontaneous bar fights and that Kourtney talks to Scott about getting married under her own volition.

So get it together, MTV and E!. Buckle down over there in the editing rooms and make sure your unreal reality comes across as mostly real reality. Because, honestly? I don't know how much more of this exposure to the man behind the curtain I can take.

Watch the fascinating clip that exposes the Jersey Shore (begins around 0:30).


Photo via YouTube

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