Lisa Vanderpump Is Too Fancy to Be a Pop Star

lisa vanderpumpNow I'm one of the biggest Real Housewives fans out there, but let's be honest, most of the cast members are jokes, to put it nicely. These aren't women we aspire to ever become like, these are women we can't stop looking at because they're so out of touch with reality. Well, most of them.

Every series has or has had at least one cast member that's on the more normal side -- regardless of their economic status. In New York, there was Bethenny Frankel. In New Jersey, there's Caroline Manzo. And in Beverly Hills, there were Kyle Richards and Lisa Vanderpump. At least in my opinion. 

As of now, I'm totally over Kyle. Her mean girl antics this season just aren't doing it for me. And as for Lisa, well, she just came out with a single, LuAnn De Lesseps/Kim Zolciak/Melissa Gorga-style. Oh, Lisa, why'd you have to do it?


The single Lisa released, which debuted Monday on KIIS with Ryan Seacrest, isn't an original song. It's actually a remake of the classic tune, "Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow." Apparently, Lisa's pal, Lionel Richie, heard her karaoke version and remixed it into a more upbeat version. According to Vanderpump, "It's just a different play on an old classic, and he liked the vocal, and so, there we have it."

I get that Lisa isn't exactly a relatable character or person or whatever -- she's crazy, stupid rich -- but I always really dug her style. Her throaty British chuckle. Her dry sense of humor. Her Jiggy. Even though she's sort of a caricature of a fancy, English woman, she still seemed ... oddly real. And smart, to boot. We all know she's loaded, so it's not like she was doing the show for the cash, and she didn't really seem like a woman who was chasing fame. She was just the proper woman who was married to a stuffy Englishman who cracked jokes in the background. Releasing a single? It seems so ... beneath her. It seems so ... Housewives.

Though I guess she is a Real Housewife, so we'll have to call a spade a spade here. But Lisa, I did think you were different. 

Are you surprised that Lisa came out with a single?


Image via Bravo

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