Kate Gosselin's New Job Will Put Her Neuroses to Work

kate gosselinBlogging about how to save money for a couponing website is the perfect gig for Kate Gosselin, as any faithful Jon & Kate Plus 8 fan knows. After all, who can forget The Coupon Incident?

You didn't use a coupon?!?!?

For the uninitiated, The Coupon Incident, as it came to be known, was a scene from "The Big Move" episode, which ended up being one of Jon & Kate's most unforgettable (and telling) moments as a couple. It all started because Jon forgot to use a coupon when he went to the store and bought a new shower head ... 

I like Kate, don't get me wrong, but she went so comically berserk when she found out Jon paid full price that there have literally been animated parodies based on the dialogue:


Kate: We don't buy things unless we use a coupon! Period, end of story! You're not buying anything anymore!

Jon: Yes I am!

Kate: You should've just taken a 20-dollar bill and flushed it down the toilet!

Ah, good times.

Seriously, though, Kate believes in coupons the way some people put faith in the Bible. She's nothing if not qualified for her new position as a money-saving pro. That said, this job requires just one blog post a week, and I doubt she'll be able to feed and clothe her gaggle of little Gosselins on that paycheck. So in case she decides to get a second (or third) job, a few suggestions:

Own and operate a chain of dry cleaners/laundromats. Remember the amount of laundry that woman systematically whizzed through when those kids were babies? Color me impressed.

Party/wedding planner. Kate definitely has experience in this field! And even if she didn't, she's such an organizational whiz, she would figure out a way to make it work.

Stuntwoman. Hahahaha! I kid, I kid. Obviously. Kate's a pretty tough gal, but a daredevil she's not. (Ahem, bungee-jumping meltdown.)

Relive The Coupon Incident by watching the video below (the scene starts at about 15:26).

Do you think Kate will make a great couponing blogger?


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