Pippa Middleton Totally Deserves a Book Deal

Pippa MiddletonThis just in: Pippa Middleton is catching hell in the British media for having the audacity to shop around a book about party planning. Not one but two U.K. papers -- of vastly different political stripes -- have seen fit to nastily speculate on what the book might include, taking a flurry of cheap shots at Pippa for her party-girl rep in satirical book proposals.

True, Kate Middleton's fun-loving little sister was once photographed wearing a toilet-paper dress: "All the naughty boys pour wine on it to see if it goes soggy, or try to tear sheets off the bottom -- it's literally hysterical!" the Daily Mail snarks. And sure, she's been known on occasion to show off a little skin: "In royal circles the second rib down is considered quite low enough," snipes The Guardian.

But if Pippa wants to write a book on party planning, really, why shouldn't she?


To me, the ridicule sounds a little sexist. But The Daily Beast's Tom Sykes says it's a question of economy and taste:

The sight of minor royals and royals-in-law -- whom the public suspect of living featherbedded lifestyles anyway -- cashing in on their regal connections irritates the Great British public at the best of times. But there could scarcely be a worse time for Pippa to be hawking a £1 million book deal around the publishing world. Britain is in the grip of government-mandated austerity the likes of which has not been seen since the 1950s, unemployment is at 8.1 percent, its highest for 17 years, and there are very real fears the country may be slipping back into recession ... So it’s hardly the perfect moment, culturally, for a privileged young lady who will one day be the queen’s sister to be bringing out a guide to entertaining in style.

Yeah, OK. But you know what? Publishers wouldn't consider paying Pippa that kind of money for a book they didn't think the public would buy. And what's more, why shouldn't Pippa capitalize on her big media moment? Is she not allowed to pursue a career now that her sister has married the future king of England? That seems silly.

In fact, a party-planning book kind of sounds like a natural fit for Pippa: The Middletons own a party-supply business, and Pippa herself is in PR. And if the public objects to her writing a book, well, they can always pass it by.

Do you think it's a bad idea for Pippa Middleton to write a party-planning book?


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