Kate Middleton Can’t Win in the Fashion World

kate middletonThe UK edition of Harper's Bazaar's Best Dressed List was just released and none other than Kate Middleton earned the number one spot. The Duchess of Cambridge beat out serious it-girls of English fashion, like Kate Moss and Emma Watson, and is now officially Britain's best dressed woman. Lucy Yeomans, Bazaar's editor, said of the Duchess’ Alexander McQueen wedding dress, "She gave us the year’s -- if not the century’s -- most thrilling fashion moment."

I concur! But, as usual, not everyone does. At the same time Kate got this prestigious fashion award, she was snubbed from another. The woman can't win.


Kate is noticeably absent from the list of ladies who are nominated for the British Fashion Council's British Style Award. A few fashionable gals who made the cut are Victoria Beckham, Alexa Chung, and Florence Welch. The winner is decided by public vote, which, let's face it, Kate would dominate if she were nominated.

So, which is it, fashion people? Is Kate Middleton a fashion icon or a fashion dud? As edgy and individualistic as you guys are, typically you're usually all in agreement over who knows how to dress and who doesn't -- hence, the same people being on every best dressed list in the world every year.

I'm kind of with Bazaar on this one. I mean, no, Kate isn't exactly shattering boundaries with her fashion choices, but there's a reason for that: She can't. She's married to a prince. She can't just go around with wild hair and avant-garde dresses -- it's not what royalty does. And Queen Elizabeth would most certainly disapprove.

And then there's the fact that she's different. She isn't making wild fashion choices, while a lot of other celebrities are -- Lady Gaga, Nicki Minaj, even Florence Welch. Kate's bringing back a simplicity and lady-likeness that we haven't seen in a while. And although it isn't ground-breaking, it's awfully refreshing.

Do you like the way Kate Middleton dresses?


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