Lindsay Lohan Is a Better Pick for Amanda Seyfried's Linda Lovelace Role

lindsay lohan sentencingPoor Lindsay Lohan. Another day, another dose of bad luck. While Lindsay's super-busy with her court hearings and jail sentencing, her rival Amanda Seyfried has stolen a plum movie role right from under her. That's right. Seyfried is in talks to play real-life porn star Linda Lovelace in the bio pic Lovelace. Lohan was supposed to star in the low-budget other Linda Lovelace movie currently in development, titled Inferno: A Linda Lovelace Story. Sadly, that role fell through for her and went to relative unknown Malin Akerman. And, well, let's face it. Now that Amanda Seyfried nabbed Lovelace, this Inferno version will probably never see the light of day. Malin who?

God, this totally should have been LiLo's role!


Lindsay Lohan is the one who, well, now with her explicit shoot for Playboy Magazine and all, practically is Linda Lovelace! Heck, they even have the same initials. But noooo! While Lindsay trots off to jail for a month, Amanda is flitting about in fabulous dresses promoting her latest movie, In Time, giggling about making out with Justin Timberlake and snagging the juicy roles.

You could consider this the perfect revenge for last year's rumors that Lindsay messed around with Amanda's boyfriend Dominic Cooper. But Amanda is above such petty things. And did I mention Amanda may star opposite dishy Peter Sarsgaard, in talks to play Lovelace's husband Chuck Traynor? Can't wait to read more giggling interviews by Amanda about making out with Peter.  

People love to mock LiLo, but I'm actually rooting for her. If she can ever get out of the tabloid self-sabotage cycle and show up on a film set, these hard life experiences might make for a stellar performance -- especially if she were to play someone like Sharon Tate. Can you imagine? Genius. But no. It's just plain sad to watch roles seemingly made for Lindsay pass her by like this.

Who do you think would play Linda Lovelace better, Lindsay Lohan or Amanda Seyfried?

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