Robert Pattinson Spills 'Breaking Dawn' Birth Scene Secrets (VIDEO)

robert pattinson ashley greeneSo I'm starting to think our beloved Robert Pattinson has a sick sense of humor. Which is fine! I like my men a little twisted. There's just no other explanation for the huge kick RPattz apparently got out of filming the bloody, uber-graphic gore fest that is the Breaking Dawn Part 1 birth scene.

If you've read Stephenie Meyer's books, you know that the birth of Renesmee ain't gonna be pretty. Especially because director Bill Condon was determined to stay true to Meyer's version, a decision RPattz and KStew (and I) support.

"Since the craziest scenes are a big part of the story going forward, it was impossible to not have them included in the film ... there was no way we would tone it down," said Pattinson.

So how crazy IS this human/vamp baby's debut gonna be? Lucky for us, RPattz spilled a few big birth scene secrets recently ...

  • Pattinson calls the moment when he bites through Bella's placenta "without a doubt the funniest thing" he ever had to do. "I'd raise my head up and I was covered with cottage cheese or whatever substance they put in there." Ewwww! Cottage cheese??
  • This one's gonna make you go, 'Awww!' RPattz says that acting with a newborn baby made him feel like a real live dad, especially when they had to put fake blood on the baby and she started crying in Robert's arms. "So we do everything to calm the baby down a bit and then I thought, 'This really feels like my baby,'" he says. Awww!
  • Pattinson couldn't stop giggling during takes, particularly one featuring Robert and Taylor Lautner gripping medical tools and saying, "Let's cut the baby out!" Nervous laughter, perhaps? Although I guess that would be pretty funny to watch in person.
  • Unlike RPattz, who sounds like a natural with little ones, Kristen Stewart says she felt "awkward" interacting with baby Renesmee. "I can't handle that; I look ridiculous picking them up," she says.

I don't know about you, but if there wasn't less than a month left until Breaking Dawn Part 1 hits theaters, this TwiHard would be ready to snap! I'm DYING to see this scene!

Are you DYING to see the birth scene in Breaking Dawn Part 1?

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