Khloe Kardashian May Be the Last Kardashian Standing

khloe and kim kardashianKhloe Kardashian tells it like it is. She's hilarious! She tosses Kourtney around like a rag doll, makes fun of Bruce, and puts Kim in her place -- she always made for great, mindless Sunday night laughs. Now, after Kim's divorce, Khloe may become more popular than ever. She was never a Kris Humphries fan.

Remember when she confronted him during the first two hours of Kim's E! wedding special, saying she didn't understand his intentions and thought that he just wanted to gain fame from marrying her sister? Good times. She hasn't liked Kris from day one, and we the audience have known it. But now there's more. Kathie Lee has shared what Khloe whispered to her after Kim walked down the aisle, and man oh man, Khloe's the g.d. coolest.


According to Kathie, Khloe told her at the reception that she gives "it six f***ing months." There's the Khlo that we know and love. She was so right about the doomed marriage. Six months would've been nice, actually -- 72 days just seems like an insult to everyone.

But Khloe isn't saying "I told you so" in the press. She's been very supportive of Kim and seems empathetic about the painful scrutiny her sister is under, saying that she admires her sister for having the capacity to fall deeply, deeply in love and feels the need to protect her.

It's what she has to say, whether she means it or not (I believe she does), but I don't think this shift to the sweet side is a permanent change for Khloe. I hope not, anyway. Because she's gonna have to carry the Kardashian brand now that Kim's become less likable. I think viewers will tune in to see what Khloe has to say on Keeping Up rather than what Kim has to. We want to hear someone say what we're all thinking, that this marriage should never, ever have happened, and Khloe's just the girl to do it.

Her humor and tell-it-like-it-is attitude may make the audience watch the show even though we're all pretty peeved at what's gone down. The Kardashians' siren call is in Khloe's hands now that Kim's fallen out of favor. And personally? I kind of love it. I think Khloe as head of the Kardashian clan is kind of genius.

Do you want to hear what Khloe really thinks about Kim's marriage?


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