'DWTS' Results Recap: Nancy Grace Is Past Expiration

Sometimes it's easy to predict who is leaving on Dancing With the Stars, and other times, it hits you kind of blind. Tuesday night was the latter kind of night. The person who went home was actually one of the few I thought should stay.

The fact is, Nancy Grace was terrible Monday night. Sure she is in her 50s, and yes, it's admirable that she can turn a cartwheel like a woman in her 20s, but seriously, that is no reason to keep her on forever. It's time to go Ms. Grace!

The person who DID go home wasn't the worst dancer Monday night. He/she was one of the most entertaining contestants and at least two others -- Grace and Hope Solo -- were worse. So what gives?


Tonight it was David Arquette's turn to leave. File this one under: Did not see it coming. Maybe Nancy Grace. Maybe Hope Solo. But not David!

Sure, he probably wouldn't win. The real contenders now seem to be Ricki Lake, JR Martinez, and Rob Kardashian. But he should have stayed over clumsy Grace and overextended Solo. Who is doing the voting?

I will miss Arquette's humor, levity, and totally bizarre sensibility. He was a fun and funny addition and seemed to mesh well with Kym Johnson, his partner.

This season has been very strange, but for all those who begged for Chaz Bono to leave because he "wasn't a dancer," you ought to be just as disturbed by Grace continuing to prosper on the show. Yes, she will likely exit next week, but that makes Solo top 4, which she in no way earned.

I am not sure how this is working, but it seems all wrong.

Were you happy with the results?


Image via ABC

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