5 Reasons Justin Bieber's Backstage Frolic Is a Life-Changer

Justin BieberReady for a shocker? Justin Bieber, 17, is already a baby daddy ... or so says a lawsuit filed by a 20-year-old California woman who claims he's the father of her 3-month-old baby. Star magazine has supposedly acquired the court documents in which the woman alleges -- under penalty of perjury -- that she had sex backstage with J.B. at a concert in Los Angeles when she was 19. She wants him to take a paternity test, and, of course, she wants child support.

Normally, I would dismiss this as just another one of those crazy Hollywood rumors perpetuated by gossip rags, but the crazy thing is that those rumors are often right. Stranger things have been proven true lately -- Arnold Schwarzenegger's love child and Kim Kardashian's 72-day marriage to name a couple. And in The Biebs' own words, "never say never."


So I think it's best that we at least consider that a little Bieber baby may really be out there. Because oh boy, if it's true, it's going to be a life-changer. Here are five shocking ramifications if news that Justin Bieber has fathered a baby is true:

1. Selena Gomez will be bereft. Does she really want to be a stepmother (or "bonus mom" if she wants to borrow some vocab from LeAnn Rimes) at her age? Their young love may get old to her real quick if that's the case. Maybe that's why he's been shelling out the big bucks on romantic gestures -- to ease the blow of what he knew was coming?

2. Baylor! You know, Selena and Justin's new puppy they adopted TOGETHER. Now all of a sudden, he's got a sibling to contend with when he thought he was going to be top dog for a long time. And what if the news causes a split, then he's suddenly the product of a broken home, poor pup.

3. Any belief that Justin was still a virgin would be blown out of the water. The abstinence crowd would be left reeling, and have to find a new poster child ... somewhere.

4. His mother would be so disappointed. It was just last summer that Bieber's mother, Pattie Mallette, was so proudly talking about her son's desire to "stay pure." Last July she said: "[Justin] has expressed his desire to stay pure and honor women and treat women with respect so hopefully that stays that way." If this is true, then it obviously didn't stay that way, and she's a grandma.

5. His concerts will just never be the same. The thought of J.B. back there behind the curtains getting it on is beyond disconcerting.

Do you think Justin Bieber really will turn out to be the father of this woman's baby?

Image via iloveJB123/Flickr

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