Say Goodbye to Robert Pattinson as We Know & Love Him

robert pattinsonRPattz the Half-Sheared SheepI guess I'm still not over that certifiably insane haircut Robert Pattinson got earlier this year. You know, the one he had at Comic-Con? If that hairstyle had a name, it would be The Half-Sheared Sheep. Or maybe I Got a Huge Wad of Gum Stuck on One Side of My Head. 

Anyway, that god-awful 'do must have given me Post-Traumatic Haircut Syndrome, because when I heard RPattz was planning to update his look yet again, I got nervous. Really nervous. Lord, please tell me that boy isn't gonna let another blind barber cut his hair with a pair of hedge clippers!!!

Thankfully, it sounds like Pattinson's upcoming makeover won't be anything like that last ... whatever it was. No, I actually think he's gonna look pretty damn good ...


Apparently, Robert Pattinson is planning on getting a crewcut! That's right, a full-on buzz cut. Say goodbye to that beautiful hair you've always wanted to run your fingers through!

I must admit, I think he's going to look gorgeous. It's my prediction that when the hair goes, those incredible eyes are really going to stand out (not like they don't already).

Of course, RPattz could rock just about any hairstyle. (Except the aforementioned I Got a Huge Wad of Gum Stuck on One Side of My Head. Don't even think about it, Robert!)

If you're already mourning the loss of Robert's long locks, relax. Pattinson has to wait until the final Twilight movie comes out before he can shave off all his hair, so this isn't happening in the near future.

But when it does, I sincerely hope Pattinson will consider taking advantage of his military-appropriate hairstyle by starring as a soldier in an epic wartime romance. Maybe a period piece, with Robert as a World War II pilot and Kristen Stewart as an Army nurse.

How do you think Robert Pattinson will look with a crewcut?


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