Taylor Swift Nude Photo Scandal Is Hard to Believe

taylor swiftSo, here's a celebrity who you never thought would be involved in a nude photo scandal: Taylor Swift! Oh yes, the pop-country crooner is currently battling, and threatening to sue, sleazy celebrity website Celebrity Jihad over a photo of someone that looks like Taylor (could be Taylor?) who's lying on a bed in nothin' but a pair of blue undies. The accompanying headline reads, "Taylor Swift Topless Private Pic Leaked."

Now, I'm not typically one to defend celebs when nude photographs of them leak or "leak," but I'm actually going to go ahead and stick up for Taylor on this one. Not only does the photo not look totally like her, it's Taylor Swift for cryin' out loud!


We're talking about a woman -- a girl! -- who looked like she was going to cry when Kayne West stormed the stage on her at the VMAs. We're talking about a girl who dated someone from the Twilight movies. We're talking about a girl who probably wears sparkly dresses when she showers! If you want to see the photos for yourself, you dirty bird, you can check them out here. Please be advised, though, they're definitely not safe for work.

Certain celebs who deny that the person in the photo in question is them are full of it, to put it lightly. Blake Lively, I'm looking at you. But I really don't think this is Taylor in the picture. In addition to not seeming like a nude photo kind of gal, upon further inspection, it really doesn't look like her. Well, it looks a lot like her. But I don't think it is her.

I've gotta be honest, the whole nude photo scandal with celebs is getting pretty old. I mean, it's always sort of interesting hearing that yet another one has leaked, but I think it's time for something new. We've run the gamut. At least this is a case where the celeb in question is actually innocent, though. I think.

Do you think Taylor's nude photos are real?


Image via david_shankbone/Flickr

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