Scarlett Johansson's Nude Photos Were a Sweet Gesture

Scarlett Johansson has finally addressed those embarrassing nude photos that were hacked from her cellphone in September. As you may remember, the stolen photos caused quite a media stir—first the images themselves got posted all over the web, then the FBI got involved, and finally ScarJo's lawyers issued about a billion takedown notices ... but not before Johansson's lovely rear end triggered a hilarious (and occasionally NSFW) Internet meme called "Scarlett Johanssoning."

Now Johansson has spoken out about her naked cameraphone self-portrait sesh, and awesomely, she's not the least bit apologetic about the whole thing.


She spoke to Vanity Fair recently, and explained that the photos were taken about three years ago. She also confirmed that, yes, she was the photographer. (Which is kind of a no-duh if you've seen the images, being as how they involved a cellphone camera being held up in order to properly capture both her face and her booty in the mirror behind her.)

Johansson clarified that the photos were intended for her husband at the time, Ryan Reynolds, and went on to say,

There’s nothing wrong with that. It’s not like I was shooting a porno -- although there’s nothing wrong with that, either.

It's kind of ... well, sweet, don't you think, about hearing she took the photos for her then-husband? The context she's provided (whether or not it's true) sort of transforms my perception of the photos and makes the whole thing seem a little less tawdry. Plus, there's something about believing that the images were intended for her husband that drives home the personal violation of having them stolen.

Still, I think any major celebrity who takes nudie photos on their cellphone these days must secretly be hoping to get hacked, because, hello, it's a PHONE, not the WarGames computer, for crying out loud. Actually, come to think of it, the WarGames computer totally got hacked too. Johansson, you never had a chance. Shall we play a game? ONE WHERE YOUR NAKED ASS IS PLASTERED ALL OVER THE INTERNET?

In theory I agree with Johansson, there's absolutely nothing wrong with snapping some naughty photos—or indulging in some full-scale double-pen pornography if that's your thing—but if you're an A-lister or a politician or a famous golf star, maybe the whole "sexting" concept just isn't a good choice if you value your privacy, you know? Even if it's all in good fun with your husband, the risk just doesn't seem worth it.

Although Johansson clearly knows how to work a self-portrait. As she says of the now-infamous shots:

I know my best angles.

Do you think any differently about Scarlett Johansson's naked photos now that you know they were meant for Ryan Reynolds?

Image via Flickr/sizzle42

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