'DWTS' Recap: Rob Kardashian Stole the Show

It was Halloween on Dancing With the Stars and boy did they do it up right. There were scary songs, elaborate costumes, spiders on the wall, and even a zombie band. It was awesome and fun and worth staying home after trick-or-treating.

The shocker of this show wasn't the black wig on Brooke Burke Charvet or the red tassles that fell from Kym Johnson's bustier during her cha-cha with David Arquette set to "Abracadabra." No, the shocker of this show was the Addams Family-themed tango set to the theme song from the show.

Cheryl Burke was a gorgeous (if hairy) Morticia and Rob Kardashian simply stole the show as Gomez in stripes with perfectly timed movements that were both funny and sharp. Of course, it wasn't his dance that had most tongues wagging.


Though Kim Kardashian and Rob's mother Kris Jenner have typically been in the audience supporting Rob, they were notably absent Monday night. In fact, only Rob's sister Kourtney Kardashian, her boyfriend Scott Disick, and their son Mason were there. That may have been because earlier in the day, Kim had filed for divorce from Kris Humphries after only 72 days of marriage.

All eyes were on Kardashian, wondering what he might have to say. After the show, he did address it, according to E! Entertainment Television (because he is cool like that), saying:

My sister is obviously going through a lot and we're obviously very supportive of whatever decision she makes. We're just here as her family just to be with her and be on her side for whatever.

Most of the "stars" on DWTS are more has-beens than actual stars. This isn't always true. Sometimes, like JR Martinez, they are rising stars, but very often, they are older stars who are long out of the news. The Kardashians, however, are a whole other thing. They are probably the most famous family in the country right now, which means that even as Kardashian dances, his family is making the front page for other reasons.

It's a little weird. But he can dance through it. If Arquette can dance with his ex(ish) wife Courteney Cox in the audience, surely Kardashian can dance while his sister is getting a divorce. And dance he did. He stole the show and not only because of his sister's news.

As a side note, the show was fantastic. The theme really worked and came together beautifully. Ricki Lake's team paso doble (of which Kardashian was a part) stole the show and $50 says Nancy Grace is headed home tonight.

Happy Halloween, indeed!

Did you like the show?

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