Jenelle Evans Car Accident Hurts More Than Her Son

Jenelle Evans is the Teen Mom who just can't seem to catch a break. Whether she is being arrested, allegedly breaking into homes, doing drugs, or losing her son, we watch her and we feel superior. Some people even laugh at her misfortune. It's schadenfreude at its best and most cruel. Aren't we all so glad we aren't Evans?

Now she is in the news again after getting into a minor car accident with her son Jace in the car. For anyone else, a minor car accident is just a blip, a nothing on the radar of life. For Evans, it's much, much more.

She hit a lamppost going 10 miles per hour in a parking lot, the 19-year-old mom said on Twitter. Police even told TMZ there was no indication that "drugs or alcohol had played a role in the crash," but police are investigating. Still, enough is enough.


Both Jace and Jenelle went to the hospital with minor injuries. It isn't funny and it isn't cute and it's most certainly not healthy for a little boy to have a mom like Jenelle. We can't peek into her life via MTV and tabloids and then do nothing about it, right? It seems so exploitative and just wrong.

Jenelle needs help. SO much help. And yet the best we can do is point and laugh? For now, she shouldn't see Jace. She needs to get her act together and prove that she is worthy of being around him. Anyone who knows a 2-year-old boy or has spent any time around them knows that they thrive on structure and stability. That isn't what Jace has right now.

For right now, his "mother" is the worst thing for him and she needs to back away for his own good. If she can get her reckless behavior under control and her life back in order, she will be SUCH a better parent to Jace and he will have a chance to grow up and not repeat her mistakes.

Until then, I shudder to think of what he will be like in 13 years.

Do you think this is the last straw?


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