Prince Harry's Greasy Diet Isn't Fit for a King

prince harry

If you would have asked me yesterday what I think the Royal Family eats on a typical day, I would have listed off a bunch of fancy items like roast prime rib of beef, exotic sushi of every description, and truffles (both black and white!) for breakfast, lunch, and dinner all prepared by a team of gourmet chefs.

But Prince Harry has single-handedly crushed my imaginings of royalty eating better than I do. Just check out what the young Royal is reported to have eaten recently in California (where he's currently staying for military training).


Just last week, Prince Harry and his friends, after a long night of bar-hopping, were spotted eating late-night tacos from a food stand in Del Mar. Er, tacos? I'm going to guess they were tacos filled with organic, grass-fed, sustainably raised filet mignon.

The very next day, he stopped for eggs and bacon at a very popular seaside breakfast and lunch spot called Pipes Cafe. I suppose that's acceptable as long as the eggs were golden. But I'm having my doubts, especially because the restaurant's website says, "No Shirt, No Shoes, No Problem." I'm just going to ignore that and move on.

Oh, but here is where Harry goes more pauper than prince: He went grocery shopping at the local Walmart where he loaded up his cart with frozen pizzas and beer. Did he buy frozen pizza because that's the best vehicle for the caviar? If not, I'm super confused.

Prince Harry's greasy, carb-heavy diet is comforting should we be looking for proof that the Royals aren't so very different than the rest of us. But for those of us who like to imagine princes, dukes, and duchesses feasting on luxurious foods, it couldn't be more disappointing.


Image via SplashNews

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