Jennifer Lopez Might Actually Do Her Job on 'American Idol' This Season

jennifer lopezSeason 10 of American Idol was abysmal. While it was pretty cool to have Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler around, it was nearly downright insufferable without Simon Cowell. We had no voice of reason, no one to put these kids in their place, no one to help us separate the good singers from the great singers. J. Lo was nice to everyone, Steven just hit on everyone, and Randy, well, Randy has been kinda worthless all along so really no loss there. But! It's possible J. Lo's learned her lesson. In a new interview with People magazine, she swears that this season she'll be tougher.

Mmmhmm. She better be!


Because honestly? Look what happened last year. All she and her fellow judges on a log did was spew meaningless niceties that left us with Scotty "Baby Lock Them Doors" McCreery as a winner. Perhaps had J. Lo given any criticism and critique at all, the real winner would've won (cough cough Pia or Casey cough cough).

She explained that on season 11, she's getting a bit harsher because she now has some old talent to compare to the new talent.

We're a little tougher on everybody. Because of last season and the standard that we set, it's easy to go, "Is he as good as even our top 24 from last year?"

While it sounds kinda promising that she'll tell it more like it is this season, the top 24 from season 10 wasn't that good. Need I remind everyone of Naima, Ashthon, Clint, and Jordan? It's not like she's got the cream of the crop to compare these newbies to.

Regardless, she has to be harder on the wannabe Idols this season. Has to! We as an audience want professional input on these young vocalists. Help us help you, J. Lo! But, wait. I hope she doesn't go too far. We don't want another breakdown on stage. For her sake and for ours.

Do you think the judges need to be more outspoken this season of AI?


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