Kate Middleton Channels Princess Di at First Solo Event

kate middletonThere she is! It seems like Kate Middleton has been hiding for weeks, but last night, the Duchess of Cambridge made a sort of impromptu appearance at a dinner for the charity In Kind Direct, which was started by Prince Charles.

The reason I say her appearance was somewhat impromptu is because Duchess Catherine had a mere 24 hours notice before attending the event. Originally her father-in-law, the Prince of Wales, was supposed to be a guest, but at the last minute, he had to pull out in order to fly to Riyadh to pay his respects to the Saudi Arabian Royal Family following the death of the Crown Prince.

Of course, the Duchess looked amazing in a floor-length Amanda Wakeley gown and a half-up hairdo, but she also did amazing. Which is big. Because, you guys, it was Kate's first royal appearance without William.


In Kind Direct's chief executive, Robin Boles, said of Kate: "You would never know it was her first solo engagement. It was as if she had been trained by the Prince of Wales. She was completely natural, professional, and charmed everyone. She spoke to every single guest and was genuinely interested, and interested in continuing to help." In every single snapshot I've seen of the evening -- and there are a lot -- Kate looks happy, confident, and completely at ease.

Kate really made a seamless transition going from regular college girl to the Duchess of Cambridge. When you look at her now, it's almost hard to envision her as anything but royalty. And although I love seeing how adorable William and his wife are together, it's so nice to see Kate out on her own, and killing it.

I know we're not supposed to compare Kate Middleton to Princess Di, because, well, they're two totally different people -- and we shouldn't put that pressure on Kate -- but it's kind of hard not to when you see her laughing and charming everyone in the room, while still managing to maintain a seemingly-reserved disposition. Some girls are just born to be princesses, and Kate certainly was.

What do you think of Kate Middleton?


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